Playstation 3 80GB MotorStorm Pack (Limited Edition)

This PlayStation 3 model has an 80GB hard drive for nearly 30% more download & storage space than the previous 60GB model. The Cell Broadband Engine ensures you a gaming experience that you never experienced before.

What's in the Box?
  • Game system
  • Sixaxis wireless controller
  • AC power cord
  • Audio/Video cable (HDMI or Component cable sold separately)
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB cable
  • MotorStorm

I bought one myself and I feel the money I spent is well worth it for what you get from this model. Wi-Fi, Blu-ray, memory card readers, HDMI and online game playing. Many of you might be on the fence trying to justify for a purchase like this. The reality is if you want a wonderful living room centerpiece that offers you superb entertainment and fun, PlayStation 3 80GB MotorStorm Pack is a way to go!
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