Playstation 3 80GB For Sale

Sony PlayStation 3 80GB is more than a gaming machine, but also a versatile multi-media entertainment system. A stand PlayStation 3 80G box includes 1 game system (80GB Model), 1 DUAL SHOCK 3 Wireless Controller, AC power cord, AV cable, USB cable, AV Connector Plug and Manuals. Usually the Playstation 3 80G comes with the 12-month Manufacture's Warranty from Sony.

The retail price of PlayStation 3 80GB ranges around $400. The machine operates quietly enough, and you can play all games in high-definition quality. And you can also play Blu-ray movies besides the standard DVDs thanks to the blu-ray Disc drive that comes with the PlayStation 3. The only area that needs improvement is thatPlayStation 3 80GB still lacks FULL backward support for PlayStation 2 games comparing to 60GB version.

PS3 40GB
PS3 60GB
PS3 80GB
Hard disk size

Network compatibility
    Ethernet and Wi-Fi
Ethernet and Wi-Fi
Ethernet and Wi-Fi
Plays PS2 games?
Yes [hardware support]
Yes [software support]
Flash memory compatibility
CompactFlash, SD Memory Card and Memory Stick Duo card slots
CompactFlash, SD Memory Card and Memory Stick Duo card slots
USB ports

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