PlayStation 2 Console or PlayStation 3 Console:

Which is Better

Consumers looking to buy a PlayStation might be curious about which PlayStation console is the best to buy: the PlayStation 2 Console or PlayStation 3.

 The answer to the latter question is really entirely dependent upon the consumer.  If price is the primary concern when it comes to getting the console, the PlayStation 2 is considered the console of yesteryear and is therefore less expensive.  If looking for a superior console and price is not the chief concern, then the PlayStation 3 console might be a better investment choice.

The PlayStation 2 console first released in 1999 uses a DVD ROM device for gaming while PlayStation 3 relies on Blue Ray disc technologies.  The variances among these two consoles do not stop there and consumers will find that the PlayStation 3 has several superior characteristics when directly compared to PS 2 consoles and gaming.

PlayStation 3 supplies advantages over PlayStation 2 offerings in the sense that characters during gaming have more powerful controls.  Sports games are redefined by the PlayStation 3 consoles which allow for sharp images, better control over player movements and motion, and superior graphic quality.  With the PlayStation 3, the player has the ability to avail themselves of 360 footplanting features versus the swivel, 360 range of motion supplied in the PS2 consoles and games of yesterday too.  With the ability to use the footplanting features supplied by the PlayStation 3 console, the player has more solid control over maneuvers, tricks, and fast motion.

The PlayStation 2 console and games do not compare to the PS3 console and games when it comes to the responsive nature of characters; the PS3 literally gives players a full 360 degrees of motion control while the PS2 simply offers quick, cutting movements separated by 45 angles of motion diversity.  The latter fact makes motion in PS2 gaming a bit choppy and stiff in comparison.  What’s more, players get superior visual effects from PS3 games.  The graphics within the PS3 games are supplying players with three dimensional scenes that literally pop out of the screen in an awe-inspiring realistic fashion.